Category: Testimonials

Ben R. from Redondo Beach, CA

“For me, the true value of a presentation is related to how much actionable information I receive. I sat in on Vic’s “Six Trumps” talk at 9am. Upon its conclusion, I completely revamped my 11am presentation based on what I’d just heard. ‘Nuff said.” Ben R. from Redondo Beach, CA

Craig W. from San Clemente, CA

“I’ve had the opportunity to hear Vic Bonacci’s presentation [of brain-based learning] on two separate occasions. Training from The Back of the Room is a concept whose time has definitely come and is keeping with today’s thoughts on self-direction and empowerment. Vic’s presentation style makes an interesting topic even more engaging and I feel that …

Jeff M. from Long Beach, CA

“Victor Bonacci’s session helped us rediscover the natural learning methods we were all born with. I recommend his methods as an addition to everyone’s tool box. Thank you Victor.” Jeff M. from Long Beach, CA