Victor ‘Vic‘ Bonacci has been working with software teams since 1999, as a programmer, project manager, scrum master, and coach. He is very active in the Agile community of Southern California where he hosts meetups, speaks and volunteers. He has trained over 100 software teams and 1000 individuals since 2009, and he was co-chair of the 2017 Global Scrum Gathering in San Diego.

His truest passion is teaching and holding space for the growth of others. A certified facilitator and former teacher, Vic integrates brain-based learning principles into every presentation, workshop or lesson he creates. He has been a TBR Certified Trainer since 2015. He practices mindfulness and orients on meeting peoples’ needs.

Fun Fact: Victor started his career as a filmmaker, then worked a few years as a teacher before moving into software development. Vic lives in Tustin, California, with his wife and daughter.