What People Are Saying

  • “It was amazing to see the content in action. Vic effortlessly guided a large group and helped make the wisdom connect with each person. From the one hour session I came away with actionable improvements in how I deliver training and work with teams. Recognizing that not every training moment happens with a teacher at …

    Paul M. from Orange County, CA

  • “For me, the true value of a presentation is related to how much actionable information I receive. I sat in on Vic’s “Six Trumps” talk at 9am. Upon its conclusion, I completely revamped my 11am presentation based on what I’d just heard. ‘Nuff said.” Ben R. from Redondo Beach, CA

    Ben R. from Redondo Beach, CA

  • “Vic’s understanding and delivery of TBR was invaluable in framing how I deliver my own training! If you’re thinking about whether TBR is worth the time and investment… YES!” Cody F. from Orange County, CA

    Cody F. from Orange County, CA

  • “Victor Bonacci demonstrates energetic, engaging approaches to effective training: it’s the cure to death by PowerPoint.” Susan T. from Orange County, CA

    Susan T. from Orange County, CA

  • “I’ve had the opportunity to hear Vic Bonacci’s presentation [of brain-based learning] on two separate occasions. Training from The Back of the Room is a concept whose time has definitely come and is keeping with today’s thoughts on self-direction and empowerment. Vic’s presentation style makes an interesting topic even more engaging and I feel that …

    Craig W. from San Clemente, CA

  • “It was my pleasure to attend one of Vic’s training sessions. The interactive exercises were fun and I learned a lot about how to make the content of a training stick with the audience. I will definitely be using the insights gained when designing and holding my next training as an Agile Coach.” Harald K. …

    Harald K. from Los Angeles

  • “Victor Bonacci’s session helped us rediscover the natural learning methods we were all born with. I recommend his methods as an addition to everyone’s tool box. Thank you Victor.” Jeff M. from Long Beach, CA

    Jeff M. from Long Beach, CA